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How to Remove the Suck from Outbound Prospecting

w/ Jason Bay

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How those in sales might describe prospecting: tactical, time consuming, strategic. How our next Aspireship Live speaker, Chief Prospecting Officer “JBay”, wants you describe prospecting: BLISSFUL! During this 60 minute session, we’ll help you examine some of the beliefs and patterns around prospecting–call reluctance, anticipating a lack of response and inefficiency–to help you build more meaningful relationships with your prospects and generate results that bring you both joy.

ABOUT Jason bay

Jason Bay is Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting. He helps reps and sales teams who love landing big meetings with prospects—but hate not getting responses to their cold emails or feeling confident making cold calls. A few of his clients have included reps and sales teams from companies like Zoom, CBRE, Databricks, Bolton & Company, Fortinet, and many more. Sales is the only “adult job” he’s ever had. And he’s done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping hundreds of reps master cold outreach.