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Building Rapport Through Gifts and Experiences

w/ Ben Jablow

Headshot of Ben Jablow, upcoming speaker for Aspireship Live!, a free SaaS sales live training. Ben Jablow is pictured wearing a grey shirt in front of a dark grey background.

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We’ve all heard the expression, “think outside of the box.” In B2B sales, you can also think outside of the gift box using experience marketing. What experiences are we talking about? Anything from handwritten notes to e-gifting to hosting virtual events. So, how do you get started activating these efforts across your process, pipeline and CRM to strengthen relationships and close more deals? Sign up for this Live! to find out.


Ben is an experienced tech executive that has launched multiple products, built alliance & channel operations and managed sales organizations. Jablow spent 16 years at CareerBuilder, developing and growing multiple products, including their Niche Websites. He also built and launched their partnership and channel program. Jablow was formerly the Chief Revenue Officer at Hunt Club and is currently VP of Alliances and Channels at