Holiday helpings of delicious food shouldn’t be the only thing keeping you full this November. Closing out Q4 with a full pipeline should be the focus for every rep working hard to meet quota and set yourself up for success in 2022. If you’ve been spinning your wheels and running on empty, this Aspireship Live! is guaranteed to fill  you (and your leads) back up in no time.




About Jason Bay

Jason Bay is Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting. He helps reps and sales teams who love landing big meetings with prospects—but hate not getting responses to their cold emails or feeling confident making cold calls. A few of his clients have included reps and sales teams from companies like Zoom, CBRE, Databricks, Bolton & Company, Fortinet, and many more. Sales is the only "adult job" he’s ever had. And he’s done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping hundreds of reps master cold outreach.

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Join live SaaS sales classes. Engage with your peers and industry experts in an interactive environment.

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