Looking for a career in Revenue Operations?

You’re in the right place. Revenue Operations Foundations is designed to help you land and succeed in a new role as a Revenue Operations Specialist, CRM Administrator or other related roles. 

20 Hours

20 Hours

Of on-demand curriculum and hands on exercises.

4 Weeks

We’ve designed the learning process to be completed in as little as 5 hours per week for 4 weeks or less.


Learn on your own schedule. Our curriculum is compatible across mobile & computer devices.

Get Hired

Maximize your chances of getting hired with training, resources, and access to Aspireship hiring partners.

Learn how to plan, design and implement software platforms, such as CRMs (e.g. Hubspot), that help businesses run more efficiently

  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing Operations
  • Customer Success Operations
  • CRM Adminstration
  • Build a CRM from the ground up
  • And much more!

Brought to you in partnership with The Workflow Academy

Hear from Aspireship Founder, Corey Kossack, on why we partnered with The Workflow Academy to bring this program to you.

What you will learn

The Theory of Revenue Operations (2 Hours)

  • Understanding Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Revenue Operations
  • Planning, Planning, Planning!
  • Understanding Software & CRMs

Building Your First CRM (3 Hours)

  • Intro to modules, records and fields
  • Intro to contacts, accounts and deals
  • Intro to notes, attachments and tasks
  • Working in Zoho CRM
  • Working in Hubspot

CRMs in the Real World (2 Hours)

  • Revenue Operations Jobs
  • A Walkthrough of the Industry's Major CRM Platforms
  • How companies big and small, from all industries, use CRMs

Needs Analysis, Flowcharting and Learning CRM Skills (2 Hours)

  • Initial System Outlines
  • Needs Analysis
  • Continuing CRM Education

Final Project and Assessment (10 Hours)

  • Final Quiz
  • Final Project: Build two CRMs from scratch

Learn Online

Complete 20 hours of a foundational on-demand Revenue Operations training course designed for individuals with no prior RevOps or CRM administration experience.

Prove Your Skills

Complete our assessment that tests your knowledge and CRM skills to get certified and earn a spot in the Aspireship Talent Network.

Meet Your Instructor

Peter Fuller, Founder & CEO of The Workflow Academy.

Peter Fuller

Founder & CEO of The Workflow Academy

Peter is the Founder of The Workflow Academy, a top-rated RevOps consulting agency + bootcamp that teaches RevOps and CRM skills. The Workflow Academy has taught thousands of students, and has become a recognized education partner of popular CRM platforms, such as Hubspot and Zoho CRM.

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With Aspireship Plus, you'll get your very own industry recognized certificate of completion upon passing Revenue Operations Foundations.

Final Details Before You Start

Choose the path that's right for you.

Free - Access to the Aspireship Talent Marketplace, Aspireship video library, Section 1 of all Foundations Aspireships, and Aspireship Live! at no cost.

Aspireship Plus - Full access to all Foundations Aspireships, live interview prep sessions, certification, peer support, and more for a one-time investment of $299.

Which Types of Companies Hire Revenue Operations Professionals?

While you might think this role is specific to the tech industry, it actually applies inside and outside of tech. Every business in the world needs a CRM. Learning the foundations of RevOps puts you on a great path to help companies of all sizes, from all industries.

Do I have to finish in 4 weeks?

We understand that all schedules and learning styles are unique. For this reason, we’ve designed the experience to be completed in as little as 5 hours/week over a 4 week period. With that said, you’re welcome to move at your own pace. Some candidates complete the program in under a week, while others may complete the program over an extended period.

What happens after I finish Revenue Operations Foundations?

Upon completion of your coursework and projects with a passing score, you will be sent your Level 1 certificate and will earn a badge to go on your Aspireship Talent Marketplace profile.


Ready to get started?

If you're serious about making the jump into Revenue Operations, your new beginning is just a few clicks away.

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