Frequently Asked Questions

The Aspireship Talent Marketplace is a new way to find a job. Create a free profile to get matched to opportunities and show off your skills to employers that are hiring now. Learn more.


Currently, the marketplace is focused on individual contributor roles in sales, customer success, revenue operations and talent acquisition. Over time, we'll open up the marketplace to more types of roles, and expect the levels of experience, compensation levels and industries of the companies posting roles on the marketplace to continue diversifying.

An Aspireship is a new kind of online training program designed as a bridge to advance you to a new step in your career. Whether you’re just starting your career, looking to level up to a more senior position or are wanting to make a move from another industry or job type, an Aspireship can help you get there.

A full list of our current programs can be found here.

Aspireships are 100% online training programs, taught by industry leaders. Our curriculum is typically broken down into three main areas:

  • On-Demand interviews and instructional videos
  • Quizzes and Assessments
  • Projects and Virtual Job Simulations

The curriculum can be completed on-demand, on your schedule.

Joining Aspireship for individuals is completely free for those who want to get matched to new job opportunities through the Aspireship Talent Marketplace or want to explore the beginning of any Aspireship programs. Here are the highlights:

Free - Create a profile and introductory video on the Aspireship Talent Marketplace and get matched to open job opportunities posted by employers the platform. Free access to Section 1 of any Aspireship and supplemental content in the video library.

Plus - Full access to all Foundations Aspireships, certification, assessment retakes with tailored feedback, peer support and more, for a one-time investment of $299. Learn more.

Intensives - Intensives are expanded programs for individuals who want to take their mastery to the next level. Price varies by program. 

No. Success in life is never guaranteed, so we don’t like to make blind guarantees either. With that said, feel free to check out our many success stories.

No, we do not require a formal degree for you to take Aspireships. Our candidates come from all education levels and experience levels!

Rest assured, even though you are learning on-demand, our mission is to help you finish what you start and land a new role in SaaS. We monitor your progress, host 'Launch and Learn' sessions to help you connect with our team and will even send email alerts as you near the final assessment. 

If you have specific questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected].

Aspireship was built to help people transform their lives through learning and opportunity. Whether you're transitioning careers, shifting industries and simply looking to level up on your current career track, Aspireship can help you.

Every Aspireship comes with a verifiable certificate upon passing and/or completion.

Yes, Aspireship is available worldwide, and we’ve served candidates in over 100 countries! International candidates have full access to all the same resources as candidates residing in the U.S., with one exception. Job opportunities through the Aspireship Talent Marketplace are currently only available to candidates residing in the U.S. This may change in the future as we onboard new hiring partners who are seeking candidates in other countries.

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