Modern B2B Marketing Training

The B2B Marketing Intensive is a 12-24 week, on-demand marketing training program for current and aspiring B2B marketers. Learn the core principles and practical applications of the Refine Labs B2B Marketing Strategy.

150+ Hours

150+ Hours

Of interactive, on-demand curriculum, engaging interviews, proprietary research and hands on exercises.

12-24 Weeks

We’ve designed the learning process to be completed in at your own pace over 12-24 weeks.


Learn on your own schedule. Our curriculum is compatible across mobile & computer devices.

Level 2 Certified

Earn a next-level B2B marketing certification from Aspireship.

Learn in-demand B2B marketing skills to prepare for a new role or reach new heights at your current company.

  • Content & Creative Strategy
  • Organic & Paid Social
  • Podcasting
  • Paid Search
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • And much more!

Here's a sneak peek.

Watch Chris Walker talk through his view on how to optimize Linkedin content to drive customer acquisition.

Program Syllabus

Demand 101

  • Demand 101
  • What is Dark Social?
  • Creating Demand vs Capturing Demand
  • The State of Creating & Capturing Demand

Reporting & Attribution

  • Rethinking Marketing Analytics
  • The PIPE Framework
  • The Attribution Mirage
  • Hybrid Attribution
  • Pipeline Sources

Content & Creative Strategy

  • How to Build a Content Strategy in 6 Steps
  • Category Halo Creative
  • Growing Through Content-Led Community

Project: Developing a Content Strategy

  • Project: Content Strategy Outline

Organic Demand Creation

  • Organic Content Development 1.0
  • How to Stand Up a New Content Series
  • Customer Research: Conducting 1:1 Interviews
  • Getting Started with Owned Linkedin
  • Owned Linkedin Playbook
  • Podcast Foundation
  • How to Launch a Podcast Playbook
  • Podcast Program Workshop

Paid Search & Inbound Conversion Improvement

  • Optimizing the Inbound Buying Experience
  • Paid Search Playbook
  • Conversion Tracking & Google Tag Manager
  • Paid Search Conversion Tracking Playbook

Paid Social Demand Creation

  • Stacking Growth
  • The Fundamentals & Philosophies of Paid Social
  • Paid Social Benchmarks
  • Paid Social Conversion Tracking
  • Paid Social: Linkedin Playbook
  • Paid Social: Facebook Playbook
  • How to Scale Paid Budgets

Project: Developing & Distributing Paid Campaigns

  • Project: Paid Campaigns

Revenue Analysis

  • Funnel Definitions & Calculations
  • Pipeline Sources Analysis
  • Split the Funnel Analysis
  • Paid Performance Analysis

Project: Revenue Analysis

  • Project: Conduct Your Own Revenue Analysis

Final Assessment

  • Final Quiz

Meet a Few of our Expert Contributors


Chris Walker

Chris Walker is an entrepreneur, business owner, investor and thought leader shaping the future of B2B Marketing and Sales. He is the Chairman of Refine Labs, Founder at Passetto, and Limited Partner of Hatch. With these companies, Chris is designing and building a new future for how B2B companies and Revenue Teams operate. Chris also hosts the B2B Revenue Vitals podcast and popular live show Unified GTM Live covering today’s top trends, tactics, and insights to power B2B go-to-market strategies.


Evan Hughes

Evan Hughes has a well-rounded marketing career shaped by experience with startups to Fortune 10 companies. He has worked in e-commerce roles, sales positions at Microsoft, and managed a $30 million customer acquisition program for AWS cloud products. This diverse experience has helped Evan become a leader in the B2B Demand Generation category, amassing a 20K following on LinkedIn, and instrumental in shaping the GTM strategies for over 40+ B2B clients at Refine Labs over three years as the VP of Demand Generation, including Splash, Greenlight Guru, Zappi, Safeguard, NFP, and Wunderkind.


Gaetano DiNardi

Gaetano DiNardi is a top advisor to B2B software companies like Kustomer, Gong, Cognism, Workvivo, DataGrail and Aura. Gaetano is well known for his accomplishments as the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva, a cloud communications company, which grew from $70M to over $200M in revenue during his time there. He also scaled cybersecurity company Aura from 0 to over 200,000 monthly website visitors during his tenure as the VP of growth, and served as the VP of Marketing at Sales Hacker, before it was acquired by


Ashley Lewin

Ashley Lewin is a seasoned marketing leader, currently serving as Sr. Director of Demand Gen at Refine Labs. She excels in crafting revenue-driving strategies, spotting scalable patterns, and analyzing GTM performance. Notably, she played a key role in creating The Vault library and frameworks. Prior to this, she led growth and demand generation at Flywheel, the first in the role, scaling revenue from $8M to $20M+, resulting in a successful acquisition by WP Engine, where she continued her demand generation leadership.

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Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to 150+ hours of videos, quizzes and projects designed for current and aspiring B2B marketing professionals.

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Show off your achievement and stand out from the crowd. Passing the B2B Marketing Intensive earns you a Level 2 marketing certificate from Aspireship.


Q: Should I take B2B Marketing Foundations before the B2B Marketing Intensive?

A: The B2B Marketing Intensive combines B2B Marketing Foundations with expanded curriculum into one advanced program. If you haven't already taken the foundations course, you can choose to jump right into the intensive and you'll get the best of both worlds. If you've already taken foundations, your progress will automatically carry over to the intensive to pick up where you left off.

Q: How do I know if this program is for me?

A: This program is about skills, not about job titles. If you want to advance your career in B2B marketing and see topics listed that you'd like to learn more about, this is for you.

Q: Is there a way to get this program paid for by my current employer?

A: Please reach out to [email protected] for guidance on how to introduce this opportunity to your company.


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