Our Story

At Aspireship, we’re inspired to help the leaders of tomorrow accelerate their careers by preparing them to succeed in the jobs of today. We’re living in an era of rapid change, where technology is transforming industries overnight. Entire generations are finding themselves in careers they weren’t prepared to succeed in when they joined the workforce and now feel stuck, with few paths to bridge them to a successful and fulfilling career. We are here to provide that bridge by training future leaders for high-paying careers, and proactively matching them with fast-growth employers in need of talented and ambitious professionals.

Corey is a lifelong SaaS entrepreneur that is passionate about helping people who want to help themselves. Prior to serving as the CEO of Aspireship, Corey founded Frederick, an AI-powered automated marketing platform that was acquired by Booker & MINDBODY. Frederick is now the core marketing software powering the MINDBODY platform, serving tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. 


Jason is a people-focused technology leader who has built and managed world-class engineering teams at eBay, PayPal and Symantec. As someone who did not attend college and worked his way up to become a technology executive, Jason is passionate about helping others navigate untraditional paths to their success.


Christine is a seasoned sales and marketing leader with over 15 years of recruiting, hiring, training, and managing high-performing sales teams at fast-growth SaaS companies including Booker by MINDBODY and InfusionSoft. Her extensive sales leadership background is complemented by individual experience owning a small business, giving a unique perspective to managing and growing organizations of any size.