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Redefining Success and Stress

w/ Adrian Trumbo

Adrian Trumbo Aspireship Live! SaaS sales training webinar


Sales is a notoriously stressful industry. Between quotas, deadlines, competitors, pips, there’s a lot on the line as a salesperson. In such a fast paced and high pressure environment, is doing more necessarily better for the results you’re trying to achieve? Founder, Leadership and Success Coach, Adrian Trumbo, joins us to share his expertise on reducing your stress and experiencing more success, by doing LESS.

About Adrian Trumbo

Adrian spent 16 years in sales, sales leadership and recruiting before getting trained as a Certified Professional Coach in 2020. He is now a Leadership & Success Coach with his company, ThePeopleTree, helping leaders and driven professionals experience more success with less stress. When Adrian isn’t Coaching he enjoys designing digital artwork, streaming shows and movies, playing basketball and spending time with family, friends, and his two little dogs.

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