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Schedule of Upcoming Live Classes

Headshot of Aspireship Live! speaker Will Allred, co-founder of Lavender, wearing a black tshirt in front of a solid purple background.

Thursday, April 15th @ 11:00am PST

Open, Read, Reply--Selling SaaS Through Email Cadences

with Will Allred

Black and white photo of Aspireship Live speaker Zoe Hartsfield, who will be speaking on video prospecting for SaaS sales.

Thursday, April 22nd @ 11:00am PST

Getting Comfortable With Video Prospecting

with Zoe Hartsfield

Recent Live Classes Available On-Demand

Headshot of Aspireship Live speaker Jason Bay, wearing a blue shirt in front of cement stairs.

Available in the Library

How to Remove the Suck from Outbound Prospecting

with Jason Bay

Headshot of Ben Jablow, upcoming speaker for Aspireship Live!, a free SaaS sales live training. Ben Jablow is pictured wearing a grey shirt in front of a dark grey background.

Available in the Library

building rapport through gifts and experiences

with Ben Jablow

Headshot of Kevin Dorsey, for the upcoming Aspireship Live! SaaS Sales Training event.

Available in the Library

Selling Remotely:
It's not B2B it's B2P
(Business to people)

with Kevin Dorsey

Skip Miller smiles in a button down shirt as he shares advice on sales discovery calls with Aspireship students

Available in the Library

ASMA: Ask Skip miller anything

with Skip Miller

Headshot collage of upcoming Aspireship Live! panel speakers Chelsea Bein, Heather Ashby & Ginger Ghormley.

Available in the Library

Making The GateKeeeper your champion

with Chelsea Bein, Heather Ashby & Ginger Ghormley

Leading SaaS sales training and hiring platform Aspireship hosts CCO of Refine Labs, Megan Bowen; photographed in a navy blue blouse in front of a grey background; on Aspireship Live! the weekly live B2B sales training.

Available in the Library

Sales meets customer success

with Megan Bowen

Leading SaaS Sales training and hiring platform Aspireship hosts Vin Matano, Demandbase AE and former SDR, photographed in black t-shirt and tan jacket with brick background, on Aspireship Live, the weekly live B2B sales training

Available in the library

Creative Multi-Channel Prospecting

with Vin Matano

Aspireship Live! provides top tier, free SaaS Sales training to help you switch careers or level up in tech sales. Samantha McKenna, pictured here on their site, will speak to meaningful follow up. Blonde haired woman in black blazer with natural background including indoor plant

Available in the library

Show Me You Know Me

with Samantha McKenna

Available in the library

Rethink Your Follow Up

with Jeff Bajorek

Nick Capozzi will be the final Aspireship Live! 2021 speaker.

Available in the library

It's not what you say, it's how you say it

with Nick Capozzi

AJ Bruno headshot, orange and grey button up shirt, on website for his Aspireship Live! session on quotas for SaaS sales professionals

Available in the library

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Quotas

with AJ Bruno

Amy Volas provides advice for Aspireship live. Photo of her in yellow necklace and denim jacket

Available in the library

the sales turnover crisis

with Amy Volas

Available in the library

No Time to Waste

with Alison Hadden

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