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Video Best Practices in Sales

w/ Alicia Berruti

Photo of upcoming Aspireship Live! speaker, Alicia Berruti from BombBomb, who will talk about best practices when using video in SaaS sales.


Perhaps you’ve been wanting to incorporate video into your sales prospecting for some time now. Or, maybe you’ve already started but you’re going through a guessing game as to what actually works: how long should filming take? When should you send a video? How much content is too much? Too little? And so much more. In our next Aspireship Live!, we’ve got a video expert & national trainer from BombBomb to share on important best practices. If you’ve been meaning to go on camera, this will get you into action.

About Alicia Berruti

Following a less traditional career trajectory, Alicia originally came into a sales role at BombBomb with over a decade of experience in massage therapy which included running her own business and building strong customer relationships. In her role now, as National Speaker for BombBomb she’s spent the last 5 years speaking on stages all over the US and Canada, inspiring and educating Sales Professionals on the power of video, social media, effective marketing, leadership and working through the fear and awkwardness of putting themselves on video.

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