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Thursday, October 6th, 2022


Storytelling in Sales and Customer Success

w/ Nick Capozzi

Photo of Nick Capozzi, Head of Storytelling at Demostack, and upcoming speaker at Aspireship Live! on the topic: "Storytelling in Sales and Customer Success."


Most of us categorize storytelling as something we do in our personal lives. But what does storytelling actually mean when you’re in a SaaS role? And how can CSM’s and sellers become better storytellers? To answer these questions, and your own, we’ve invited Nick Capozzi, Head of Storytelling at Demostack, to join us on Aspireship Live! Together, we will break down this buzzword and teach you how to turn something you do socially among friends and family into a technique that impacts your book of business. 

About Nick Capozzi

Nick is Head of Storytelling at Demostack. Broadcaster turned marketing strategist, Nick teaches sellers how to tell better, more engaging, stories with video.

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