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Everything you need to know to succeed in SaaS sales.

Watch interactive discussions with SaaS sales leaders. Put your new knowledge into practice with role-plays. Demonstrate that you are coachable and ready to take on a SaaS sales job through assessments.


with Skip Miller, top author and sales trainer

Learn how to do proper customer research, craft initial outreach and build relationships with prospective clients via email, phone and Linkedin.


with seasoned SaaS sales reps

Gain insights from seasoned SaaS sales reps on what it’s like to walk in their shoes, how they manage their time and drive successful outcomes in their roles.

Relationship Building

with Mike Hourihan, SVP of Sales @ Squire

Learn how to cultivate relationships that drive word of mouth and positive testimonials to drive new business.


with Skip Miller and Christine Rogers

Learn how to communicate in a way that drives results and makes others want to help you, instead of driving them away.

Running Product Demos

with Christine Rogers, Aspireship President & COO

Learn how to effectively run product demos that address the prospect’s pain without “feature dumping”.

Using Linkedin as a Sales Rep

with Francois Bordeau, Senior AE @ Encore Business Solutions

Learn how to properly utilize Linkedin as a channel for cultivating relationships and attracting new clients.

Understanding Your Ideal Customer

with Elizabeth Pitt, former exec @ Intuit and InfusionSoft

Learn how to apply customer empathy and understanding to better connect with prospects and close more sales.

Creating Videos That Pop

with Tara Horstmeyer, SDR Growth Manager @ Gravy

Learn how to create personalized videos to grab a prospects attention, build relationships and book more meetings.

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