Code of Conduct - Aspireship Slack Community

Participation in the Aspireship Slack Community requires adherence to the code of conduct, described below. Members who do not abide by the code of conduct may be immediately suspended or permanently banned from the Aspireship Slack Community at the discretion of Aspireship. 

No abuse, harassment, or disrespect.

Members must remain courteous and respectful to other members and Aspireship staff in digital and offline interactions, at all times. We may not always agree on substance or perspective, but we can agree to be respectful of other human beings. 

If you ever feel abused or harassed, or witness such behavior, please flag the item immediately, or report it to an Aspireship staff member at [email protected].

No recruiting

Aspireship works actively to facilitate interviews for graduates with our Hiring Partners through the Talent Network. While we do not restrict members from pursuing opportunities on their own outside the network, we ask that you do not utilize the slack channel to actively recruit or refer other members to open roles. 

No spam, promotion, or selling.

This community is a safe place for learning, growing, and sharing. It’s a place where you can be vulnerable and transparent. That’s not possible if members attempt to use it to sell.

Do not create posts that promote your solutions or solutions with which you’re affiliated.

Respect the privacy of other graduates.

Information shared by a candidate within the Aspireship Community is confidential. Please do not share information about any other member, including but not limited to their recent experiences during their job search process outside this circle of trust.

Avoid controversial topics.

Please don’t bring politics, religion, or similar topics into your discussions within the member community. We ask that you accept that we all have different beliefs, and keep the focus on landing a great job where you can be successful.

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