Become a RevOps Pro

The skills every revenue operations professional needs to implement a CRM from scratch, integrate third-party tools and automate workflows to drive revenue.

150+ Hours

150+ Hours

Of interactive, on-demand curriculum and a hands-on project where you'll build a CRM for a real-world client.

12-18 Weeks

We’ve designed the learning process to be completed in as little as 8-12 hours per week for 12-18 weeks.


Learn on your own schedule. Our curriculum is compatible across mobile & computer devices.

Level 2 Certified

Earn a next-level certification in RevOps to prepare yourself for a career in revenue operations.

Learn the entire lifecycle of a Revenue Operations implementation:

  • Understanding the customer lifecycle and identifying bottlenecks
  • Creating scope documents and flowcharts
  • Building a CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce and more)
  • Beginning and managing a real-life CRM project for a real-life organization
  • Prep for platform-specific certifications
  • And much more!

Learn More About The RevOps Intensive

Aspireship Founder & CEO, Corey Kossack, gives a brief overview of the RevOps Intensive.

Program Syllabus

Understanding Revenue Operations

  • Asking Detailed Questions and Active Listening
  • Aligning Revenue Operations Through Outlines, Plans, and Flowcharts
  • Building and Implementing No-Code Software

Building Your First CRM

  • Building a basic CRM in Zoho CRM
  • Building a basic CRM in Hubspot

RevOps in the Real World

  • Reviewing a couple real-world examples of CRMs
  • Explore potential career paths

Needs Analysis, Flowcharting & CRM Skills

  • Building an Initial System Outline
  • Building a System Flowchart
  • Designing a System Plan

Building Your Second CRM

  • Gather all these details into your first case study, reviewing planning docs and building a CRM in HubSpot, Salesforce or Zoho
  • This time you're on your own!

Build a CRM in the Real World

  • Run an entire RevOps planning project and CRM build-out for a real-world organization

RevOps Career Discovery

  • Learn more about the various career opportunities that are available to you in the world of Revenue Operations

Software Certification Blitz

  • Begin official certification paths in Hubspot, Salesforce or Zoho with the help of the Workflow Academy team and the Aspireship community

Meet Your Instructor

Peter Fuller, Founder & CEO of The Workflow Academy.

Peter Fuller

Peter is the Founder of The Workflow Academy, a top-rated RevOps consulting agency + bootcamp that teaches RevOps and CRM skills. The Workflow Academy has taught thousands of students, and has become a recognized education partner of popular CRM platforms.

Get lifetime access to the Revops Intensive Intensive curriculum and more

Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to the entire RevOps Intensive curriculum to reference at any time in the future.

Aspireship Plus

Your purchase includes Aspireship Plus, our lifetime membership that gets you unlimited access to our foundations programs, the Aspireship slack community, and more. Already have Plus? Plus members get access to exclusive promotions on Intensives.


If at first you don't succeed... We've got you. Revise and resubmit your final project as many times as necessary until you pass.


Show off your achievement and stand out from the crowd. Passing the RevOps Intensive earns you a Level 2 RevOps certificate from Aspireship.


Q: Should I take the Revenue Operations Foundations before the RevOps Intensive?

A: The RevOps Intensive combines Revenue Operations Foundations with expanded curriculum. If you haven't already taken the foundations course, you can choose to jump right into the intensive and you'll get the best of both worlds. If you've already taken foundations, your progress will automatically carry over to the intensive to pick up where you left off.

Q: How do I know if this is for me?

A: This program is designed for individuals who are seeking a new career as a Revenue Operations Specialist, CRM Administrator, Hubspot Specialist or Salesforce Administrator. It is also useful for in-house operations professionals that wish to learn more about how to design and maintain CRM implementations and integrations. No prior experience is required.

Q: Is there a way to get this program paid for by my current employer?

A: Please reach out to [email protected] for guidance on how to introduce this opportunity to your company.

Q: Will I receive any 1:1 coaching?

A: Yes. The RevOps Intensive includes 1:1 coaching and support via slack to help you throughout the experience building out a real-life CRM.


Ready to dive in?

If you're serious about making the pivot into a revenue operations career or learning new skills to apply to your current role, this program was made for you.

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