Training for current and aspiring sales managers

The Sales Management Aspireship is designed to help your reps determine if sales management is the right career path for them, and help your first-time sales managers excel on the job.

15 Hours

15 Hours

Of on-demand curriculum and engaging interviews, packed with day-to-day tactical strategies.

Team Access

Grant access to your entire team, whether they are managers today or aspire to become one tomorrow.


Available on-demand. Fully compatible across mobile & computer devices.

Top Resources

Get access to resources your managers can use immediately to lead their team, run proactive 1:1s and hit their numbers.

Everything reps need to know to determine if management is the right career path, and strategies to succeed as a first-time manager

  • Running effective 1:1s
  • Team building
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Forecasting
  • Communicating with leadership
  • And much more!

Meet The Instructors

Photo of Christine Rogers, President and COO of Aspireship, at the company office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Christine Rogers

Christine Rogers is the President and COO of With over 15 years in recruiting, hiring, training, and managing high-performing sales teams at fast-growth SaaS companies, she is passionate about advancing and contributing to sales training and education. She is a frequent guest on industry podcasts and helped create and design Aspireship's SaaS Sales Foundations curriculum.

Skip Miller

Skip Miller

Skip Miller is a leading sales trainer and President of M3Learning, a proactive sales management and sales training company. He’s also the author of bestselling books, Selling Above and Below the Line, Proactive Selling and Proactive Sales Management. And his most recent title, “Outbounding: Win New Customers with Outbound Sales and End Your Dependence on Inbound Leads.”

What your team will learn

Introduction to Sales Management (1 Hour)

  • Welcome
  • What Does it Mean to Lead in Sales?

People (2 Hours)

  • Effective vs Ineffective Leaders
  • How to Know Your People
  • Having Difficult Conversations

Numbers (1 Hour)

  • Know The Numbers

Resources (< 1 Hour)

  • Resources Deep Dive, Part 1
    • Sales rep first 1:1
    • Sales rep weekly 1:1
    • Sales rep monthly review
  • Resources Deep Dive, Part 2
    • Sales rep progression path 1:1
    • Individual outcome tracker
    • Sales rep pacing report

Final Review (< 1 Hour)

  • Final Review

Learn Online

Learn on-demand and refer back to the content and resources at any time.

Sales Management Resources

Learning experience comes with 6 top resources reps can use immediately to build effective habits and increase performance as a sales manager.


Ready to go?

If you're looking to empower team members who are wondering if sales management is the right career path for them, or you need to give your existing managers a proven framework to lead their teams, the Sales Management Aspireship can help.

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