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Most people find themselves on their deathbed wishing they’d done life differently. Alison Hadden wants to make sure you don’t become one of those people. In the midst of an incredible career spanning go-to-market leadership at multiple SaaS companies that reached billion dollar exits, Alison’s career was redirected by a terminal cancer diagnosis. Join this rare session with Alison discussing lessons learned from navigating career pivots, taking on new challenges and choosing impactful and positive work environments. You don’t want to miss this one!

ABOUT Alison hadden

Alison is a lifelong athlete and adventurer, marketing executive at three tech companies that scaled to billion dollar exits, and a passionate wellness advocate that got diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2018 at 38 yrs old. Alison openly shares how her diagnosis drove a sense of urgency to double down on her intentional way of living via speaking engagements, hosting the No Time to Waste podcast, and on social. She talks a lot about maximizing moments, crafting a life without regrets and focusing on the things that really matter – gratitude, human connection, and joy – with the hopes of motivating people everywhere with “nothing but love and LFG energy.”