Being a salesperson is so much more than simply “selling a product or service.” You educate, guide, listen, write, problem solve… and the job is far from cookie-cutter. Coming up with creative prospecting, maintaining interesting conversations, and relationship building are just a few examples of why salespeople have to be a master of all trades. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into sales or how to juggle these multifaceted roles, you won’t want to miss this Live! Experienced sales coach and trainer, Bob Shanes will be diving further into this topic during our next Aspireship Live! session.

About Bob Shanes

Bob Shanes is a sales leader with over 20 years of experience building, training and leading high performing teams. His successful track record of developing and executing strategies while cultivating strong, long-term relationships has built Bob’s reputation as a sought after business leader to multiple industries. Passionate about doing what he loves, Bob designed an approach that enables SDR's and AE's to achieve growth and sustainable impact through his "3 Act Sales" structure. When Bob is not jamming with his rock band, or chasing his 2 children around, he can be found investing time in helping young professionals reach their potential. Bob believes that everyone has a unique story worth sharing and enabling people to express their stories is his ultimate source of joy.

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