Are the warmer weather conditions cooling your prospect’s responsiveness and decision making? It’s no secret that June, July and August are big months for the OOO messages and holiday travel. As a sales person, your quota doesn’t care if the sun is shining or not. So how can you keep your momentum going during a time of listlessness and pause? We’ll give you the answer to that (and more) in our Aspireship Live! Session with ChowNow SVP of Revenue, Brent Kraus.



About Brent Kraus

Brent Kraus is the SVP of sales, onboarding and success at ChowNow, and has over fifteen years of experience in SaaS sales leadership. He is passionate about building and leading sales organizations and contributing to overall growth.  He described himself saying “I’m a world ranked amateur triathlete who brings the same drive and passion into any environment; I love to win, and have fun – so do the teams I build!”

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