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Sales Lessons From an Inc. 500 Founder

w/ David Freedman


What can sales reps learn from a founder? Founders have the toughest sales job of all. In addition to selling their vision to investors, co-founders and first hires, they need to sell an unproven product to the market in a constrained period of time before they run out of cash. In this rare sales-focused session with the Founder of Freestar, 2019’s fastest growing company on the Inc. 500, we’ll discuss how sales reps can leverage inspiration and strategies from their company’s founding team to open new doors, build relationships and close more deals.



About David Freedman

David Freedman is the co-founder of Freestar, a managed service that simplifies the challenges of website monetization to help publishers and e-commerce sites reach their true revenue potential. Since Freestar’s inception in 2015, the company has seen an explosive growth of 36,680 percent for 2018 and earned the number one position on Inc.’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2019.

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