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My Journey Out Of Poverty and Into Tech Sales

w/ Jenny Anderson

Photo of Jenny Anderson, founder of Maggie and upcoming speaker at Aspireship Live! on the topic: "My Journey Out Of Poverty and Into Tech Sales," Aspireship Live! is a free online webinar featuring SaaS industry experts and sales leaders.


Everyone has a unique story about how and why they got started in tech sales. Sales leader Jenny Anderson is no exception. Turning obstacles into opportunities is the inspiration for this Aspireship Live! As the founder of Maggie, Jenny joins us to share her compelling and life changing journey from generational poverty to SaaS sales mentor, entrepreneur and leader. If your career journey into SaaS sales has been far from traditional, you’ll want to tune into this Live!

About Jenny Anderson

Jenny Anderson is a B2B sales success story. Coming from Appalachian roots and generational poverty, she was the first woman in her family to not run moonshine or work in a shirt factory and proudly says that B2B sales changed her life.  She's gone from homelessness to six figures and is a fierce advocate for women in sales, as well as hiring people who CAN do the job over those who HAVE done the job.

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