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Show Up Better: Effective Presentation Skills

w/ Larry Long Jr.

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Ever feel like you just bombed that prospecting call or demo because your energy was low? Do you wish you had more techniques to engage with your prospects better and present yourself as confident, engaging, and open vs nervous, scripted and monotone? Whether you’re recording prospecting videos, conducting demos or cold calling, there are techniques to help you communicate more effectively, energetically, & empathically. And we’ll share a few of these and more in our next Live! featuring Larry Long Jr. Together, we’ll help you show up better!

About Larry Long Jr.

Larry Long Jr is the Founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of LLJR Enterprises, which focuses on sales motivation & inspiration, as well as team training. He is the host of the ‘Midweek Midday Motivational Minute’, and Co-Author of Color Outside The Lines, and Author of JOLT! coming out in Spring 2022. As a former college athlete (Go Terps! He played baseball for University of Maryland), Larry is extremely passionate about coaching, and helping professionals take their game to the 'next level'.

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