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Sales Meets Customer Success

w/ Megan Bowen

Megan Bowen - Aspireship Customer Success Foundations


What does sales have to do with customer success? One doesn’t exist without the other. Customer success advocate and Chief Customer Officer at Refine Labs, Megan Bowen, joins Aspireship Live to talk about how sales can set the stage for long-lasting customer relationships, create effective handoffs to customer success and strengthen customer relationships through account management. Megan is amazing, you don’t want to miss this one!




About Megan Bowen

Megan is an operator, a problem solver and a customer advocate who has a proven track record of building and leading teams that scale and succeed. She has experience working across early-stage startups and later-stage companies primarily focused on B2B account management, customer success, sales, customer service, and operations. Megan previously held leadership roles at ZocDoc, GrubHub and Platterz, and currently serves as Chief Customer Officer for Refine Labs, a demand accelerator for B2B SaaS companies.

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