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Heading to the Video Library (Hosted on 09/01/2022)

Roll with the Role Play

w/ Mike Hook

Mike Hook, upcoming speaker on Aspireship Live! SaaS training webinar, on the topic "Roll with the Role Play."


Practice makes progress. Whether you’re practicing role playing for interview prep, Aspireship’s final projects, or as a part of your ongoing professional development, this vital tool can help you unlock specific areas to work on and refine your craft. As a sales leader with 10+ years of experience and currently developing his own team of reps as a VP of Sales, Mike Hook will join us to discuss how to prepare for role playing exercises, how to bounce back if you stumble, and how to use these to fine tune your knowledge. Post your personal questions here for this session.

About Mike Hook

From his first selling job as Cutco’s third best seller in the country to becoming Vice President of Sales at ChildcareCRM, Mike Hook brings ten plus years of experience, high energy, and proven results to rapidly evolving SaaS companies. Prior to ChildcareCRM, Mike was an integral part of a highly successful FinTech software company that scaled from $12 million to over $100 million in ARR at a $1 billion dollar valuation. During his time there, Mike went through two acquisitions adding four new products and has direct experience with company integration initiatives, crafting new value propositions and market positioning. Aside from his history in tech sales, Mike leans on his expertise to build sales teams, identify market opportunities, develop partnerships, and strategically increase ARR through multi-product sales and cross-selling efforts.

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