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Can’t Stop RevOps: Q+A With A RevOps Leader

w/ Rosalyn Santa Elena

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RevOps was certainly the talk of 2021. With more and more companies building out revenue operations within their organizations in 2022 and beyond, you may be wondering how this will impact marketing, sales and more. Join us for a Q+A with one of the leading experts and practitioners, Rosalyn Santa Elena. Whether your company is embracing RevOps or you just want to understand it better, this session will not disappoint!

About Rosalyn Santa Elena

With 20+ years of experience leading GTM and Revenue Operations at both enterprise companies and at high growth start-ups, Rosalyn Santa Elena has a passion for building and optimizing teams, processes, and systems across revenue teams. She is currently the VP of Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j and host of the Revenue Engine Podcast and serves as an advisor at several high growth companies. Rosalyn is also an active leader in multiple organizations where she is a champion of all things operations.

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