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Hitting the Ground Running with Outreach

w/ Sam Nelson

Headshot of Sam Nelson, SDR leader at Outreach, and upcoming speaker at SaaS sales training webinar Aspireship Live about how to integrate Outreach into cold prospecting.

Thursday, June 24th

11am PST

Space is Limited


If you’re a new or incoming SaaS sales rep, you need to get familiar with the technology most commonly used by sales teams to increase performance. In this session with Outreach SDR Leader, Sam Nelson, we’ll dive into what you can do to hit the ground running using Outreach, one of the most popular tools SaaS companies are using today to maximize sales effectiveness.

ABOUT sam nelson

Sam has been at Outreach for over four years and has helped shape how Outreach uses Outreach for cold outbound during his time as SDR, SDR Manaager, and Manager of SDR Managers.  He has become one of LinkedIn’s most followed content creators in sales and has worked with hundreds of different companies on their outbound prospecting playbooks and strategies.