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Thursday, September 23rd @ 11 AM PST

Performing Under Pressure

w/ Tommy Short

Photo of Tommy Short, speaker at upcoming SaaS sales training webinar event, Aspireship Live!: Performing Under Pressure.
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Performing under pressure. This very skill is required of anyone in sales. Complete the daily dials. Meet the monthly quota. Meet the quarterly quota. 3x your results. Bounce back from a PIP. All the highs and lows in sales create pressure. Pressure that can make you or break you as a rep. In this Aspireship Live! with former NCAA Division 1 Basketball Ref Tommy Short, we’ll review performing under pressure. What works, what doesn’t.


About Tommy Short

Tommy is the founder of Think Better Perform Better.  He is a former basketball official who spent 10+ years officiating both NCAA Men’s Division 1 & FIBA.

In the high-pressure environment on the basketball court, he developed a strong mindset to handle adversity and setbacks. He understands that confidence can be taught, and his personal mission is to help people think better so they can perform better.

Tommy now travels around the country speaking with teams and sharing the lessons he learned on the basketball court.  In addition to speaking, he works as a mental performance coach with referees, executives, and sales leaders.

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