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Creative Multi-Channel Prospecting

w/ Vin Matano

Photo of Vin Matano, speaker at the SaaS sales training webinar, Aspireship Live! "Creative Multi-Channel Prospecting."


How do you break the mold on the same old personalized outreach tactics to get a new prospect’s attention? Better yet, how do you get them to like you while doing it? There are few better at this than DemandBase AE Vin Matano. From fitness challenges to trick basketball shots, Vin will share with us the most creative ideas that have landed him meetings, and sales, with hard-to-reach target accounts.


About Vin Matano

Vin started off his sales journey in college, selling Home Internet & TV packages door-to-door.  Now at Demandbase, he is a former SDR turned AE who’s obsessed with creative prospecting and passionate about personal development.  Vin also hosts Project Growth, a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of personal growth from inspiring people.

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