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TikTok & Social Media in Sales

w/ Will Aitken

Photo of Will Aitken, a LinkedIn and TikTok sales content influencer and creator, and upcoming guest speaker on Aspireship Live! on the topic "TikTok and Social Media in Sales," Aspireship Live! is a free, online sales training webinar that features sales leaders and SaaS industry experts.


With an average of 100 million active monthly users in the US, TikTok has quickly become the go-to app for content creation. The best part? It's not restricted to B2C companies and influencers. If you’ve been wondering how to work in creativity to your sales career or how to start creating content, then sign up ASAP for this Live! with Will Aitken. Will has grown his TikTok account to over 30K followers and can be found in front of the camera all over LinkedIn and YouTube. He’ll answer your questions and share best practices on repurposing content across multiple platforms, tracking impact, coming up with ideas and how to stay creative.

About Will Aitken

Will is a sales practitioner turned professional content creator who's acquired over 70,000 followers in 9-months across multiple channels. Will frequently shares tips, trends, strategies, and relatable humor to help salespeople enjoy and get better at selling. Will now creates content for Sales Feed, consults with startups, and trains sales teams on how to leverage social media to buff their bottom line.

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