Launching Today.. Customer Success Intensive

We are thrilled to have yet another announcement, as we release the Customer Success Intensive to the public.

The Customer Success Intensive is a 12-18 week, on-demand customer success training program for current and aspiring CSMs. Learn advanced strategies to prevent churn, negotiate renewals, navigate API integrations and more.

As always, bringing this to all of you would not have been possible without our great contributors from the community. A huge thank you to the dozens of amazing contributors, some who are pictured below and some who are not, who have invested their time with us in service of others, and who appear in this program. You all are amazing.

The Customer Success Intensive is available to current and aspiring CSMs worldwide.

For companies based in the U.S. who want to provide this training resource to current and aspiring CSMs inside your organization at no cost, email [email protected] to learn more!

This was a joy to put together, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too!

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