The Most Important Thing In Sales

Understanding and executing a sales process is not the #1 thing a new sales rep needs to nail.

Hitting quota is right up there, but not the most critical.

Knowing how to be a productive member of the team is THE most important thing to exemplify when you walk in the door on Day 1.

Sales leaders love confidence. We love competency. We live for hustle and drive.

But if I have to deal with the drama that comes from an over-the-top know-it-all giving “a little coaching” to a senior rep on week 2, I’m concerned.

If when I’m rolling out a fun contest it takes me an hour and a half thinking about every teeny tiny way it could be manipulated because the last time we had a contest you pitched a fit and demanded to be paid as it was “in writing” even though the rest of the team clearly understood the spirit of the contest and appreciated the fun, it’s a problem.

If I get an email from you at 4:06 AM the day you receive your first commission check because you weren’t paid on a deal you believe you deserved–and you copy your manager, sales ops, accounting, and a few other executives, I am most definitely looking at you.

And so is everyone else.

And not in a good way.

Knowing the hard skills are a must.

But BEING a great team member and decent PERSON is where the magic happens.

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