Ask. Then Listen. Before You Sell.

I am not an early adopter.

Or a car person.

But when my commute doubled a few months ago and the HOV lane was looking pretty sexy, I started considering an electric car.

My requirements: 100% electric (the only way to get into the HOV lane), the fam could fit comfortably, and there are enough charging stations around so I wouldn’t feel worried driving it.

I went from dealership to dealership and looked at every type of electric car on the market.

Only two sales people asked what was important to me.

The others heard “electric” and assumed I would want to see all the technology and bells and whistles.

Ughhhh. Nails on a chalkboard.

In the end I bought one sight unseen and had not even taken it for a test drive.

I STILL do not even know all the fancy things the car can do.

Because I don’t care.

Don’t assume a persona because of a few data points.


Then Listen.

Before you start selling.

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