5 Tips To Help You Succeed in SaaS Sales Jobs

5 Tips To Help You Succeed in SaaS Sales Jobs

“How do I get into SaaS sales?”

This very question itself generates 41 million search results on Google. At Aspireship, we want to help you get into SaaS sales, and we want to help you succeed in a SaaS sales job.

Success depends on proper planning, tenacity, execution, communication, self-care and more. If you didn’t know, Account Executive’s in SaaS sales make an average of 33 dials and send 33 emails per day. Source: The Bridge Group. 

To help you succeed with your launch into SaaS, we’ve compiled these top 5 tips based on expert advice from our weekly guest speakers on Aspireship Live.

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This article will specifically cover how to start your new SaaS sales role strong, how to prospect the C-Suite, using Linkedin for personalization, the magic question to ask on a discovery call and how to maintain your mental health in SaaS sales.

Tip 1: How To Wow In Your First 30 Days from Amy Volas

You searched, you interviewed, you landed a new role in SaaS sales. When it comes to your new employer Amy Volas, Founder and CEO of Avenue Talent Partners says, “Set expectations early and often. People take a backseat to hiring and to their career. Flash forward to months ahead, things often fall short. As you are interviewing, make notes. What are the things that are really getting you jazzed up about the role?

Raise your hand, reach out to your new boss and say ‘hey, can we have a conversation about what’s next? Is there any agenda for the first week that I can start thinking about?’ Illustrate your enthusiasm and commitment to the task at hand. Show them, ‘I am here for this, I‘m bought in. What are somethings I can do ahead of time?’ Communication is your best ally.”

Tip 2: On Prospecting the C-Suite from Alexine Mudawar

“Every sales person has a different methodology. But when it comes to reaching out to a CEO, my messages are no more than two lines max. There should be less of a hard ask for a C-level executive. I always say, ‘I welcome the opportunity to connect next week.’ Also, share something you have in common in subject line–alumni network is one example. And remember, the C-level thinks top line. They are often thinking, ‘How do we save money? How do we save our teams time?’ Think of and share your quick one line answer to that.”

Tip 3: On Using Linkedin As A Sales Rep from Francois Bourdeau

“We hear the personalization piece all the time. That doesn’t mean to change a few pieces of your email template. Personalization means really digging into the problems the company has, and how you can actually solve them. What has your prospect talked about on Linkedin that are specific problems from a day ago or a week ago? Avoid hard pitching without adding any value.”

Tip 4: On Discovery Calls from Skip Miller

“I constantly get addressed by companies who position themselves as vitamins and not Asprins. Asprins solve problems. Find out what their problem is so you’re not a ‘nice to have.’ Being positioned as a vitamin is not a good thing. People are spending money on solving problems. When calling on your prospects in discovery call, ask ‘Between now and the end of the year, what are the 2-3 biggest risks that you have?’

Use the word risks in the question. It’s a great word, one that will help your prospects come at you with all their business challenges.”

Tip 5: On Mastering Your Mental Health In Sales Jeff Riseley

Remember HALT. Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Consistently ask yourself this throughout the day. Where am I at with each of these? If you get anxious, one of these is getting triggered. Get curious and try to pick up on the micro messages your mind and body are telling you as it pertains to your self-care.”

Whether you are trying to get into SaaS sales as a beginner, or you are looking to advance from SDR to AE, learning and networking are key ways to start your success. For the long-term game, it’s also important to remember each of the tips highlighted here.

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