Talent Acquisition Foundations is Here!

Today we are so excited to introduce the latest Aspireship…Talent Acquisition Foundations, the only modern course designed to teach you how to become successful in a talent acquisition role in any industry, taught through conversations with industry experts and practitioners. 

This program is designed for individuals who are considering a career in Talent Acquisition or have recently started a recruiting role for the first time. You’ll learn the candidate lifecycle, behavioral interviewing, outbound sourcing, understanding funnel metrics, learning the recruiting tech stack and much more!

Why Now?

1. Every business on the planet needs talent acquisition skills in order to thrive. It’s a universal need, and many companies don’t do it well.

2. The industries that have been hit the hardest these last couple of years and planning their rebuild for 2024. They’ll either need to hire recruiters to help, or they’ll need to upskill existing team members to share the responsibility of managing the talent acquisition process.

3. Other industries outside of the typical Linkedin ecosystem (e.g. healthcare, construction, etc.) have faced talent shortages, and need talent acquisition professionals to help.

4. Last but not least, we want to celebrate the profession of talent acquisition, and there’s no better way than for us to put out a program that will help many thousands of people start or grow a career in this important field.

Sign in and get started today!


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