From Car Sales to SaaS Sales

Today we are excited to share Dallas’ story with you. Like so many of our grads, Dallas took a few detours post-graduation until he found a career path he was passionate about. Dallas is a former student athlete and was captain of his football team at Texas State University! He has kept his competitive nature, leadership and drive from football while crossing over into the sales workforce.

Whether you are anticipating an upcoming college graduation, navigating a job loss, or looking to pivot into a new career or industry, Dallas’ story is an example of how to patiently and deliberately navigate a job search and career change, all while receiving feedback, coaching and the opportunity to grow along the way.

Prior to the SaaS Sales course, what was your background in sales? 

Car sales and water treatment sales

How were you spending your time prior to finding the course?

Working Monday through Saturday putting in at least 12 hours a day at work.

How did you come across the Aspireship course and community? 

A friend’s recommendation

What surprised you the most about the course and content?

How affordable it was and how the course touched on multiple SAAS roles.

Were there any challenges you encountered along the way?

I completed my modules during lunch, breaks, and after work at night. Initially I failed my first SAAS course, but with the help of office hours I was able to overcome and pass my next attempt.

What was your favorite takeaway from the course?

My favorite takeaway from the course was the valuable hands-on experience and practical knowledge I gained, which has been crucial in my career journey.

What excites you the most about a sales role? 

What excites me the most about the BDR role is the opportunity to engage with diverse clients, build relationships, and contribute to the growth of the company.

After completing the coursework, what did your career journey entail? Where did you go and where are you now?

After completing the coursework, my career journey led me to a BDR role, and now I’m a BDR at a larger company.

In terms of rejection, was this something you dealt with in the job searching process? And if so, what advice would you tell fellow students if they are also facing this challenge?

Rejection was indeed a part of my job searching process. My advice to fellow students facing this challenge is to view rejection as an opportunity for growth, learn from feedback, and persistently keep improving your skills and strategies.

Outside of work, what are 1-2 hobbies that you enjoy?

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking Cajun style meals, working out, hiking, fashion, and travel.

Is there anything else you want to share?

I’d like to emphasize the importance of continuous learning and networking in your career. Stay curious and proactive, and don’t be afraid to reach out to mentors for guidance.

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