Aspireship in the Wall Street Journal–Helping Hospitality Professionals Pivot Into SaaS Sales

We’re officially one year into the pandemic and the hospitality sector continues to be impacted on all fronts–less travel, less bookings, less demand. First, there were furloughs. Then came permanent layoffs. According to Wall Street Journal Careers reporter Kathryn Dill, “Four million hotel, restaurant workers have lost jobs.”

While that statistic is alarming, not all hope is lost. Hospitality workers are reinventing themselves and exploring new career paths with the support of reskilling programs and communities. Aspireship is a major catalyst for reinvention: our graduates are pivoting into SaaS sales from other industries, with the hospitality sector claiming the #1 spot. We’re supporting them through training and job placement opportunities.

If you’re facing a career crossroads, our hope is that this article serves as proof that pivots are in fact possible. You’ll read about Aspireship grads, Aspireship hiring partners and others who have new meaning in a new career.

Link to the article here.

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