Graphic for the Work and the future podcast with Linda Nazareth, episode featuring Corey Kossack CEO of Aspireship, a company specializing in SaaS sales training and job placement.

Aspireship On the Work and The Future Podcast: “Can You Reskill People to Move Between Industries?”

As her Linkedin profile will highlight, for almost two decades, economist, author, keynote speaker and now Podcast host, Linda Nazareth, has been sharing research and expertise on the future of work. Recently, she had the chance to interview our CEO and Founder on the role Aspireship is playing in the future of work especially as it pertains to reskilling.

You can listen to the full, 29 minute episode on iTunes here. In it, Linda and Corey cover:

  • More on Corey’s background as an entrepreneur and the WHY behind founding Aspireship.  (2:40)

“People who were starting their careers or even in the first 10+ years of their career were finding themselves where they had fallen in to a certain line of work, a certain functional area, maybe a certain industry and they came to a point where they realized that it wasn’t the best fit for themselves and that they could apply their skills to other things. Whether it was for an internal transfer or looking to go outside of their current company into a new industry or a new line of work, the hiring system had already filtered them out.”

  • The purpose of the platform. (4:30)
  • How the pandemic paved the way for Aspireship to support career transitions for those with prior sales experience (hospitality, mortgage, insurance, advertising, restaurant and other sectors) and people looking for a functional change from other types of jobs.  (6:30)
  • How employers are responding to this change in the hiring model/process specifically in the software sector.  (8:44)
  • Why our business model is unconventional.  (17:40)
  • Where the resume and specific school/degree affiliations fall into play.  (18:51)
  • What’s next. Aspireship has closed one gap. What’s to come in the future?  (25:35)

To hear the entire interview and what’s starting to shift, tune into Episode 36 of Work and the Future. 

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