Corey Kossack

Tech Layoffs Explained

I keep getting asked…. So I’ll keep posting to explain what’s behind all the tech layoffs… And no… it’s not all about “growth that didn’t happen” or “poor planning”. Over-hiring is a contributing factor, as is any slowdown in expected growth, but falling company valuations due to a rapid change in economic policy and the …

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Aspireship Founder and CEO Corey Kossack announces Forever Free and Aspireship Unlimited; Aspireship helps job seekers pivot into the SaaS sales industry through their SaaS Sales Foundations training and job placement program.

Introducing Forever Free & Aspireship Unlimited

Introducing Forever Free & Aspireship Unlimited Today we’re making some important changes to how we operate at Aspireship. Before I get to what’s changing and why, I’d like to provide some context. Aspireship has now surpassed 20,000 learners globally and 1,000 graduates in North America coming out of our flagship program, SaaS Sales Foundations. On …

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