Tech sales interview questions

Tech Sales Interview Questions for SDR Jobs

Tech Sales Interview Questions

Top interview questions asked to prospective SDRs in tech sales.


If you’re hoping to become an SDR and have landed your first tech sales interview, there are a handful of questions you should always be prepared to answer, and others that you should be prepared to ask.

Tech sales interview questions you should be prepared to answer


1. Why do you want to work in tech sales?

The why is just as important and what you can deliver. Interviewers want to validate that a career in tech sales is what you really want, as many people enter the tech industry because someone else encouraged them to do it.

2. Why do you want to work at this company?

Do you want any tech sales job you can get, or do you want this one? Why?

3. How would you go about building a pipeline of new prospects?

To answer this effectively, you will need to walk through the steps you would take to identify new prospects, reach out and book meetings. This should include the channel you would use, questions you might ask, etc.

4. Tell me about your past experience.

Whether or not you have past sales experience, this is your opportunity to draw parallels between your past work experience and the job you’ll be doing as an SDR.

5. Do you have any questions for me?

See below for questions you should be prepared to ask in a tech sales interview.


Tech sales interview questions you should be prepared to ask

1. What is the biggest challenge the team has faced this past year?

This question gives you a view into what’s been happening at the company and how they have handled it. It also get the interviewer talking about problems that you might be able to help them solve after you’re hired.

2. What is your highest priority in the next six months, and how could someone like me help?

A question like this one helps the interview time travel to a future where you helped them achieve their goals.

3. Why do your customers buy from you? What makes them choose to buy from a competitor?

If the person that’s interviewing you can’t articulate why their team wins or loses deals, you’re probably in for a rough time at the company. In addition, this shows the interviewer that you’re already thinking like a top salesperson.

4. What distinguishes a top performer from the rest of the team?

This one is simple. It demonstrates that you intend to become a top performer in the role and want to learn more about how to get there.

5. Where do you get your leads? What does the typical sales process look like once a lead comes shows interest?

Every sale begins with an interested prospect. Understanding how the company generates leads will tell you a lot about what your life will be like as an SDR at this company, and gives you an opportunity to show the interviewer that you’re comfortable handling your responsibilities throughout the prospecting and sales process.

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