SaaS Sales Intensive

Introducing the SaaS Sales Intensive

Today, we are pleased to announce the SaaS Sales Intensive, the most comprehensive learning resource we’ve ever assembled for the tech sales community. 

The SaaS Sales Intensive is a 12-18 week on-demand training program for current and aspiring SaaS SDRs and AEs that goes beyond our popular SaaS Sales Foundations program, teaching advanced phone,  email and social selling techniques, SMB to Enterprise sales cycles, how to learn the most popular tools in the tech stack, and much more.

Featuring some of the best minds in SaaS sales, you’ll walk away packed with knowledge that’ll help you accelerate your path to success in the role. At the end of the program, individuals who complete the curriculum and pass the assessment will receive a Level 2 SaaS Sales certification from Aspireship.

As always, bringing this to all of you would not have been possible without our great contributors from the community. A huge thank you to all of our contributors, who have invested their time with us in service of others, and who appear in this program.

Skip Miller, Morgan J Ingram, Amy Volas, Scott Leese, Samantha Mckenna, Jason Bay, Christine Rogers, Will Allred, Kyle Coleman, David Weiss, Chris Boyster, Scott Sambucci, Mark Baker, Paul Salamanca, Elizabeth Pitt, Will Aitken, Nick Capozzi, Jeff Bajorek, Brandon Roberts, Jake Yormak, Heather Watkins, Brent Stig-Kraus, Eric Schrader, Robert Schmitt, Chris Santoro, Lexi Miller, Chelsea Bein, Heather Ashby, and Ginger Ghormley.

Talk about an insane roster. You all are amazing.

The SaaS Sales Intensive is available to current and aspiring sellers worldwide. We hope you enjoy experiencing it as much as we enjoyed building it!

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