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Aspireship and Rung for Women have partnered to make the transition to a tech sales career more accessible than ever before.

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Photo of a mom learning online from an online course, Aspireship and Rung for Women have partnered to help women transition into a career in SaaS (software as a service) sales, with Aspireship's online, on-demand sales training and job placement program.

Learn online, then prove your skills.

So,  you might be asking yourself, "How does this work?"

Think of it in two parts: part one is reviewing curriculum and training on topics such as introduction to the SaaS sales process, consultative selling, managing the sales funnel & more.

Part two will help you validate what you've learned through practice projects, quizzes and a final recorded sales exercise.

To be clear, you will learn vocabulary, tactics and SaaS sales knowledge then get to actually put your skills to the test with phone call and role play video simulations.

How will this get me a job in SaaS sales?

Once you complete and pass the assessment and training, you will meet with our Candidate Experience team.

Our Candidate Experience team works with you, our graduates, as well as our hiring partners to uncover and fill all of our open SDR, AE and account manager roles.

The Candidate Experience team will set you up with job interviews, provide you with feedback and coaching to help you land the role and be the first to celebrate with you when you receive and accept your offer!

Aspireship Candidate Experience Team

Watch this sample session lead by best selling author and international sales educator, Skip Miller. 

Whether you are brand new to software sales or have some experience, our SaaS Sales Foundations course thoroughly prepares you for a new SDR (Sales Development Rep) or AE (Account Executive) role because it is taught by the leading sales experts and trainers across the United States.

In just 20 hours, you'll enjoy interactive videos, complete practice projects, strengthen your knowledge of SaaS sales vocabulary and best of all, gain confidence going into SaaS as an SDR, AE or Account Manager.

Real people. Real results.

We often hear people say, "This sounds too good to be true! How can you really train me AND help me land a SaaS job? What's the catch?"

There is no catch. We're just committed to our mission to help you break into SaaS sales.

Best job and career sources for women | Aspireship grad Ashley Tymm

"Aspireship’s self-paced curriculum was a bonus. I also like the flow of the videos, where you start with an intro to some of the roles like BDR, AE, and SDR, and then learn about their daily tasks and challenges. And then the course dives into opening this whole world of lingo like processes, organization, and just the way you’re going to flow during your sales.”--Ashley T.

Photo of 2020 Aspireship grad Jaclyn Garcia, who turned to Aspireship for help after losing her job in hospitality sales and got a job in SaaS sales as an AM for a construction software company; in this blog post she tells what the first six months were like starting her new career in tech sales.

"Before Aspireship, I had applied to 53 jobs. As soon as I found Aspireship, & completed SaaS Sales Foundations, I accepted a new role in less than 60 days! For anyone currently job seeking and trying to work in tech sales, I can’t recommend this enough.”--Jaclyn G.

Photo of Lauren Inciong, who was able to find a family friendly, remote SaaS sales job with the help of Aspireship's online sales training course and job placement program.

"Aspireship has brought people together from all walks of life, and connected us under the common desire to better ourselves while pivoting into a career in tech. Thanks to this program my family can continue to plant roots in Maui and ensure our children understand their heritage and culture."--Lauren I.

Photo of Aspireship grad Alijah Garvey, who was able to go from real estate to SaaS sales with the help of Aspireship's SaaS Sales Foundations training course and job placement program.

"Going through this course really  transformed me, both personally and professionally. The course opened doors to a community of people of various backgrounds who are welcoming and go to work full of energy loving what they do."    --Alijah G,


Still have questions about Aspireship? Check out these resources that we've hand picked exclusively for you. 

We are here to help you learn in-demand skills and land a new, high paying role in software sales. Here's to empowering your future!

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