This is What We're Doing and This Is Why We're Different: Our Focus At Aspireship
Light purple Illustration on the website representing our commitment to not have income shares and to let learners take the SaaS Sales fundamentals course for free

We’re doing everything wrong.

According to many.

We allow candidates to complete our SaaS Sales Foundations Aspireship for free.

We don’t make people qualify to gain access.

We don’t make them pledge their commitment to us or our hiring partners.

We won’t certify candidates unless they prove their aptitude for the job.

We designed projects to emulate the role so grads understand the job before they start interviewing.

Our hiring partners can be confident that the quality of our graduates is HIGH despite the lack of “SaaS experience.”

We help our grads. Period.

We give coaching. Interview prep. EVEN when in process with a company that’s NOT one of our hiring partners.

As a revenue leader who knows the importance of predictable revenue, it would be MUCH easier to:

-Charge candidates a fee up front or ask them to share their income with us.
-Certify as many as possible so we have more grads to place.
-Only spend time with those committed to accepting a role with one of our hiring partners that ultimately make all of this possible.

And we’ve gotten PLENTY of advice to do that.

But that’s not what we’re doing.

Because we believe that focusing on getting candidates to the right outcome FOR THEM will lead to the right outcome for us as a business.

Photo of Christine Rogers, Chief Operating Officer and Presdient of SaaS Sales Training Company, Brunette hair, black t-shirt top, red pants, sitting on a chair outside
Christine Rogers – President & COO