From Around The World To The World Of SaaS: Ben’s Aspireship Success Story

Aspireship is like a next level graduate course. During your practice projects and assessments, you will feel as though you are actually in a business situation, that you are working for a mock company. Aspireship helps you show an employer that you can DO the job, not just get hired for the job.

Aspireship graduates come from all industry sectors: commercial real estate, finance, sports, hospitality even SaaS. Motivations for completing SaaS Sales Foundations vary, too.

A subset of professionals who sign up want to perform better in their current role. Others sign up to explore Software as a Service and see if it’s a fit for them. And then we have our students who are excited to make a career change. 2020 Aspireship grad Ben Weintrab falls in to the latter.

Ben grew up in New Jersey then went to college in Rhode Island. After graduation, he started his 20+ year sales career in travel working with an escorted tour operator.

“I got to travel all over the world and work with groups of people.” His favorite destination? “The Outback in Australia.”

In 2003, Ben moved to San Francisco, CA. The vacation club industry beckoned, and he had the opportunity to represent properties in Anaheim, CA and Napa, CA.

His favorite part of the job? It still stands true to this day.

I enjoy creating revenue that didn’t exist. And I appreciate it when customers say, ‘We didn’t expect to do anything, but you changed our mind.'”

After much success in the Golden State, the east coast beckoned once again. Ben moved back to the New York metropolitan area for good and continued to work in sales with roles varying between Director of New Business Development, Regional Sales Manager and Account Executive for an incentive travel company. 

By the time the coronavirus pandemic hit last year, Ben had already made the decision to start focusing on SaaS sales. “I was working for a data driven solution at an enterprise level. I joined a team of 70 sales reps that were veterans. With Covid hitting though, I made the decision to focus on moving to SaaS.”

 By way of research, he found 

On What Set Aspireship Apart From Other SaaS Sales Training

Ben: When I looked at the program and reviewed the curriculum, I saw that it was different right away. It was engaging. And I had looked at several different learning opportunities. Aspireship really does care about the outcomes of their graduates and individuals. This is like a next level graduate course.


On Signing Up For Aspireship from a Job Seekers Point Of View

Ben: I was looking for a base. I was looking for that base where I can get feedback from, where I can have a network and if I had a question, get it answered in realtime with results. It’s a big, little world in this SaaS community. Getting advice and who knows who–networking is 85% of getting a job these days. My conversations with employers are better, they’re deeper. Really what’s impressed me the most about Aspireship is that it’s done everything it said it’s going to do…

For a full audio clip of what Ben had to share, press play. 

On Learning SaaS Sales Online and How He Prepared For The Final Assessment

Ben: The way I approached completing SaaS Sales Foundations was by doing it over two weekends. The first weekend I did the course content, quizzes, and audio/video segments, reviewing each in depth.  For the final assessment, I took the 2nd weekend to really prepare my answers as if it was “showtime” in front of an actual potential client in order to gain a decision to move forward.

On What The Future Looks Like Now That He’s Graduated From Aspireship With A Certificate in SaaS Sales Foundations

Ben: One of my biggest goals of the new year is establishing my brand. I don’t want to leave it to the judges. I am a big fight fan. I want to show that I am serious, that I can hang. I want to flourish and just get to the next level. I have a lot of experience but I am a lifelong learner where I just want to keep learning and be the best I possibly can for me and my family.

One Final Fun Fact About His Passions Outside of SaaS Sales

Ben: I’m a huge concert fan, I’ve been to over 500 concerts nationwide! I also enjoy MMA especially UFC live events.

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