Using AI in Sales

Aspireship launches its first course programming focused exclusively on how to use AI to perform at a higher level on the job, and there’s no better job to start with than sales! We believe AI is going to be integral in all of our futures, and are excited to make AI education a cornerstone of all programs we deliver through Aspireship to prepare people to be successful in the jobs of today and tomorrow. There are lots of ways to learn about new AI tools and capabilities, but we believe it’s all about how you apply those tools to your specific role.

Learn how to use new AI tools to:

  • Increase the relevance of your follow up and keep deals moving.
  • Generate creative imagery through AI platforms, such as Midjourney, to pattern interrupt and get more replies.
  • Use ChatGPT to understand the mindset, language and priorities of every stakeholder in the buying process.
  • and more.

How do I access Using AI in Sales?

Instead of putting out a standalone course, we’ve embedded it into our most popular programs for sales reps and sales teams. The new content is automatically available in Section 5 inside SaaS Sales Foundations and the SaaS Sales Intensive.

What tools are covered?

In this first release, we’ll be diving into how to apply several AI platforms to your daily workflow in sales, including Fathom, Midjourney and ChatGPT.


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