My First 6 Months in SaaS Sales: Jaclyn’s Career Pivot Story

Photo of 2020 Aspireship grad Jaclyn Garcia, who turned to Aspireship for help after losing her job in hospitality sales and got a job in SaaS sales as an AE for a construction software company; in this blog post she tells what the first six months were like starting her new career in tech sales.

There’s a lot of excitement and positivity that gets talked about surrounding a career pivot: the new role, new team, and new salary. 

However, what gets talked about much less is the incredible amount of fear, nerves, and self-doubt that accompany this type of change. Transitioning from one industry to another can feel like you’re “starting over.” 

It can feel like success is nowhere within reach. You wonder how long it will take before you feel confident? Is this the right path for you? You may even think it would be a whole lot easier to stay where you’re comfortable even if you’re unhappy. 

If you’ve been contemplating a career pivot into SaaS sales or just happen to be starting fresh out of school, we want this story to provide some assurance. 

While nothing is ever certain, taking a chance on yourself and a new industry can be a very worthwhile adventure. Jaclyn Garcia, a 7 year hospitality veteran and Aspireship alumni who has been in her new role for over one year now, serves as proof. She came in with no experience in construction or SaaS and was promoted within 9 months. 

Here is her story. Here is her strength. Here’s our hope for you and your next chapter.  

“Before Aspireship, I had applied to 53 jobs. As soon as I found Aspireship, & completed SaaS Sales Foundations, I accepted a new role in less than 60 days! For anyone currently job seeking and trying to work in tech sales, I can’t recommend this enough.”

Jaclyn Garcia, 2020 Aspireship Grad

Why Jaclyn explored SaaS sales for her new career 

Aspireship:  What excited/intrigued you about SaaS sales before you started?

Jaclyn:  I actually chatted with all my friends who were still working during the pandemic to learn more about what they do for a living and how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted their career field. Out of everyone I spoke with, I aligned most with my friends in SaaS. So, I started researching those jobs. I eventually stumbled upon Aspireship and that made understanding and developing SaaS skills, without any prior experience, so much easier.

Aspireship:  What made you nervous or apprehensive about SaaS sales?

Jaclyn:  Understanding the SaaS account life cycle – it was kind of similar to my old career but there were a few differences that I had to learn to change my thought process.

Aspireship:  What was your first week in SaaS like?

Jaclyn:  Gosh the first week was a whirlwind! There was a lot of learning from the software, to learning processes, and also, how I wanted to structure my day. I took a lot of notes and did a lot of Googling to learn the construction sector lingo. Luckily in the Aspireship training, a lot of the SaaS vocabulary had been explained.

On Her Initial Role as Account Manager 

Aspireship:  What did your average day look like when you first started out as an Account Manager in SaaS Sales?

Jaclyn:  As an account manager, my role focused on retention and customer satisfaction. I actively called and emailed clients to ensure that they were having a great experience with our software. I reviewed accounts that were showing at risk for not renewing and I strategized on how to retain them as a client. Our goal is to be an advocate for our clients needs, and ensure we are getting them connected to the right team member to assist them with their specific needs.

Photo of 2020 Aspireship grad Jaclyn Garcia, who turned to Aspireship for help after losing her job in hospitality sales and got a job in SaaS sales as an AE for a construction software company; in this blog post she tells what the first six months were like starting her new career in tech sales; this photo shows Jaclyn with coworkers at a ProEst team building event.
Jaclyn Garcia at a ProEst Team Building Race Car Event

Aspireship:  Which SaaS vocab word do you now live by?

Jaclyn:  Implementation! Haha … I think I hear that word in my sleep! It is a very important step for our clients to be successful and as an Account Manager, assure them that we are with them every step of the way…ensuring things are running smoothly.

Aspireship:  What was the process like switching into your new position?

Jaclyn: As shared, I started as an Account Manager and was recently promoted to Director of Account Management. The transition to director was made easy by our CEO. Since it was a new role, he let me take over meetings he was managing. This role also works on a lot more strategic thinking for the future. I am very fortunate to work with a team who collaborates and all think towards reaching a larger goal.

Aspireship:  In your specific software sector, what excites you the most about the future?

Jaclyn:  I work in the construction software sector. It is a sector that is making a huge transition into the tech world. With Covid-19, remote work became a necessity and our platform enables the preconstruction team to work and collaborate with their team from anywhere.

Aspireship:  What is your motivation/inspiration?

Jaclyn:  My motivation to be successful is my family. The pandemic completely turned my world upside down. I moved out of the only career I knew in my life. I knew I had to learn something new, and learn fast. I am very fortunate to work for a company that welcomed me with open arms considering I had zero previous SaaS experience.They always welcome creativity and employee input. Watching a company grow and being able to be a part of something like this motivates me to want to do more and learn more.

On Making A Career Pivot into SaaS Sales

Aspireship:  What have you found to be your most transferable skill from your past career?

Jaclyn:  The most transferable skill for me was relationship management/overcoming obstacles. I came from an industry where “No” was not an acceptable answer. We always had to find a resolution or alternative option. I have found this to be very helpful when working with clients who are all so different in their needs.

Aspireship:  In recommending SaaS as a new career path for others, what do you feel are the most important skills to develop in the first few months in this field?

Jaclyn:  Organization is key! There are a lot of moving parts to all departments when it comes to a career in SaaS sales.

Aspireship:  Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Jaclyn:  I was very surprised at how many skills from other careers are transferable for SaaS. 

I would highly encourage anyone to give SaaS sales a try if they are looking to make a career move. The community is very welcoming!

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