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“Do I Stay Or Do I Go?” How Project Save Hospitality Is Helping Industry Peers Rethink Their Career

“Do I stay or do I go?” This question has been top of mind for professionals from all sectors these past 12 months especially those employed in the travel, hospitality, fitness and restaurant industries.  Many professionals have now been permanently let go after patiently waiting through furlough status. Others are seeing their industries slowly pick back up again. But the lasting effects from Covid-19 are permanent leaving people to ask: “Do I stick with what I know? Or explore a new career path with more flexibility and stability?” In Jennifer Liu ‘s recent article on CNBC entitled,

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Compensation Overview for SDR, BDR and AE Careers in SaaS Sales

Compensation Overview for SDR, BDR and AE Careers in SaaS Sales One of the top questions people ask when considering a pivot into SaaS sales is, “How much will I make?” With a quick Google search, you’ll probably come across a few “average” salaries or total compensation ranges, commonly referred to as “OTE” (on-target earnings). What you may not read is that these averages are heavily weighted by high-cost tech hubs (Bay Area and NYC, for example) and senior roles for those with a successful track record in SaaS. So, what compensation can you expect in SaaS

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Let’s Talk Turkey…Aspireship Thanksgiving Caption Contest

Here's a festive history lesson for you. What exactly does it mean to "talk turkey" to someone? A quick Google search lead our team here at Aspireship to come up with the following from If people talk turkey, they discuss something in an open and serious way, in order to solve a problem. Sales is about discussions. Sales is about problem solving. And you know what else sales is about? Having FUN! Shout out to The Daily Sales and Sales Humor on Instagram for making us laugh on a daily basis.  In that spirit, we invite you to bring your best writing+social media skills to our grate-full, competitive challenge. WIN