6 Recommended Practices For Passing The Final Assessments

Aspireship candidate learning online about careers and skills in SaaS sales, preparing to take the Aspireship SaaS Sales Foundations final assessment.

Aspireship is unlike other online learning platforms. Why? For those who complete and pass the Customer Success and SaaS Sales Foundations Aspireships, you will be admitted to our Graduate Talent Network.

The companies we partner with understand how rigorous, thorough and detailed our Customer Success and SaaS Sales Foundations training is. Your affiliation with Aspireship dramatically increases your likelihood of consideration and placement for a role compared to others in the hiring pool.

By passing the video assessments, written portion and quizzes, our hiring partners have a clear understanding of your ability to succeed within their organization as a Customer Success Manager, Sales Development Rep or SaaS AE.

Which is why we want to guide you towards a strong passing score. The results are up to you but here’s what often sets our Talent Network candidates apart.

  1. Set aside 1-2 hours of uninterrupted time to take the exam.  We get the question a lot: “Should I take the assessment the same day I finish my Aspireship?” We want the information to be fresh in your mind but we also want you to have time to digest and review your notes. Most importantly, we want you to have energy! This will vary from person to person. Make sure to prepare, don’t let too much time lapse between course completion and the assessment and show up at the time where you have the most energy (whether that be after a night’s rest or as soon as you are done with the materials).
  2. Detailed note taking. We do not provide content to “memorize.” Aspireship videos, live sessions, quizzes and assessments help you learn the proven customer success and sales methodologies that thousands of experienced Customer Success Managers and SaaS AE’s use everyday to exceed their goals and create a meaningful career in SaaS. It’s important to document what you hear, from terminology to processes and more. Many of these terms and approaches will come full circle when it’s time for you to complete your role play assessment. Use your notes to elaborate on many of the concepts you have learned when engaging with your prospect in the role play projects and written assessments.
  3. Conversational tone and energy. Whether this is simulated or not, you want to show up exactly as you would in a real-world SaaS scenario. Use vocal inflection, watch your posture, eye contact on video and even energy levels. Keep your interactions upbeat but succinct. Shy away from knowledge dumping and potentially losing your prospect by being too wordy and winded. Remember to ask questions that will help you learn more about your prospects goals and needs.
  4. Use presentable lighting and background. Would you connect with a real world customer or prospect on Zoom in a t-shirt? Or in a dimly lit room with a laundry pile in the background? This video assessment will be shown to our hiring partners. Pay attention to the details now so that it’s clear you are professional and prepared, whether you have sold SaaS or worked in Customer Success before or not. Find a window to help with lighting if you don’t have a ring light. Try to use a solid wall for your backdrop or even a custom Zoom background.
  5. Don’t read from a script. We want this post to be encouraging as we understand the effort that goes into learning a new topic, recording yourself and wanting to safeguard against making any mistakes. But if you wouldn’t do something in real life, don’t do it here. Reading from a script is not the best way to approach your role play. Instead, focus on being conversational. Make sure to ask qualifying questions. It’s absolutely OK to rehearse your answers or to think them through ahead of time. However, reading a script comes across as unnatural and even distracting. Review your notes well enough to fully understand the concepts you’ve learned, so you’ll feel confident in your role play responses and rely less on a script.
  6. Be authentic. Many of our hiring partners appreciate the fresh perspective Aspireship candidates bring to their team and the world of SaaS. There’s no need to hold back from adding a little bit of your personality to your video. Smile, breathe, find a way to relate to your prospect.

Ready to take the final assessment? Sign back in and good luck!

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