Improve Your SaaS Sales Skills (And Your Ability To Get Hired) With The Aspireship Video Library

Photo of a student watching videos in the Aspireship Video Library; the Aspireship Video Library features 70+ hours of SaaS sales training video content to help you improve your skills and level up in your career.

As the creator of one of the world’s largest collections of SaaS sales video training, we’ve had the opportunity to interview the most influential people in SaaS sales through our popular webinar series, Aspireship Live!

Our frequent viewers know we get raw, real, and now… re-organized!

Launched in 2019, our video library has always helped job seekers and sales professionals improve their SaaS sales skills across topics like prospecting, mindset, cold calling and more. With over 70 hours of interviews (increasing every month), we decided it was time our library got a face lift, making it easier than ever to find the training you need.

That’s right! All past Aspireship Live! sessions – and additional bonus interview and career prep content – are available for replay, reference and note taking anytime in the Aspireship video library. 

Whether you have a big meeting approaching and you need to brush up on presentation skills, or the quarter is ending and your pipeline needs a clean up – the video library will help you close any skill gaps and come in armed with knowledge and preparation.

“With Aspireship, it is completely possible to learn a new, valuable skill set with no prior experience. Their video library has additional, extremely helpful videos. They have specific videos for Account Executives, BDR/SDRs, and even about preparing for a new role.”

-John Taylor, 2021 Aspireship Grad

As a preview of what our library contains, here’s a quick roundup of 8 of our favorite expert interviews. 

1. How to WOW Your First 30 Days with Amy Volas

You’ve won the job. Congratulations! Learn how to hit the ground running and chart your path forward with enterprise sales legend turned Founder of Avenue Talent Partners and Co-Founder of Thursday Night Sales.

Find our full interview with Amy in the Video Library under the section: Career.

2. Open, Read, Reply – Selling SaaS Through Email Cadences with Will Allred 

Selling through email cadences involves multiple touch points over a specific period of time. In this session, you’ll learn why most cadences fail, how to thoughtfully plan an optimized email cadence, how to implement it, and of course, how to continuously improve it!

Will is the Co-Founder & COO of Lavender, your real-time sales email coach. Lavender helps sellers write better emails, faster, with personalized recommendations in their inbox. Get 3 months of Lavender free when you sign up for Aspireship Unlimited.

Find our full interview with Will in the Video Library under the section: Email.

3. Rethink Your Follow Up with Jeff Bajorek 

What happens after the demo? Will you send a “Just checking in” email? In this discussion with Jeff Bajorek, we cover the art of the follow up, negotiating over email, and more. Jeff is a consultant, author and host of “The Why and The Buy” podcast. 

Find our full interview with Jeff in the Video Library under the section: Getting a Decision.

4. The Data That Drives LinkedIn Engagement with Filippo Paras

You’ve heard that it helps to build engagement on LinkedIn, but how often should you post? What content should you post? And how can you grow engagement when everyone else in SaaS sales is doing the same? In this interview we hear from Filippo Paras, Head of Growth at Shield Intelligence, a LinkedIn analytics platform, and we’ll discuss the data that drives LinkedIn engagement.

Find our full interview with Filippo in the Video Library under the section: LinkedIn.

5. Performing Under Pressure with Tommy Short

One quick decision, endless results, eyes on you. We have all faced these situations, performing under pressure in our careers, hobbies and even social life. Founder of Think Better Perform Better and former NCAA ref, who better to talk about this than Tommy Short, who spent 10 years up close and personal with some of the most competitive collegiate basketball players? In this interview we discuss what works and what doesn’t when it comes to performing under pressure in sales.

Find our full interview with Tommy in the Video Library under the section: Mindset.

6. Out With Overwhelm, In With Organization with Morgan J. Ingram.

Sales reps can average 94.4 daily activities, including email, phone, voicemail and social media touches! It’s no wonder that being organized is one of the major keys of success for anyone carrying quota. In this interview, Morgan J. Ingram, shared his time tested tips on organizing your schedule, your prospecting meetings and more.

Find our full interview with Morgan in the Video Library under the section: Organization.

7. Get Out Of Your Seat And Into Your Customers with Skip Miller.

You’ve made it past the prospecting stage to the meeting stage. But what can you do? What should you say? How can you get out of your sales seat and into your customer’s? In this interview with leading sales trainer and bestselling author Skip Miller, we go over questions you should ask – and who should do most of the talking, especially if you’re connecting with CEOs, COOs and other ATL buyers.

Find our full interview with Skip in the Video Library under the section: Prospecting.

8. Video Best Practices in Sales with Alicia Berruti

How long should filming take? When should you send a video? How much content is too much? Too little? In this interview, Alicia Berruti, National Speaker at BombBomb, shares important best practices for incorporating video into your sales prospecting process. Get 3 Months of BombBomb free when you sign up for Aspireship Unlimited.

Find our full interview with Alicia in the Video Library under the section: Video.

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