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“Do I Stay Or Do I Go?” How Project Save Hospitality Is Helping Industry Peers Rethink Their Career

“Do I stay or do I go?” This question has been top of mind for professionals from all sectors these past 12 months especially those employed in the travel, hospitality, fitness and restaurant industries.  Many professionals have now been permanently let go after patiently waiting through furlough status. Others are seeing their industries slowly pick back up again. But the lasting effects from Covid-19 are permanent leaving people to ask: “Do I stick with what I know? Or explore a new career path with more flexibility and stability?” In Jennifer Liu ‘s recent article on CNBC entitled,

Graphic the reads: "Hired Within 3 Weeks of Graduating: Rochelle A, 2021 Aspireship Grad, Newly Employed At FreeStar," and features a circular headshot of Rochelle and other Aspireship icons.
Hired Within 3 Weeks of Graduating: Rochelle’s Aspireship Success Story

In October of 2020, McKinsey and Company, in partnership with, reported that one out of four women considered leaving the workforce or altering their careers due to the added challenges caused by the pandemic. (Source, CBS New York).  That was around the time that 2021 Aspireship grad, Rochelle A. of Northern California, started really trying to figure out her next steps. After 20 years in the hospitality industry, I found myself needing to transfer my expertise from service to tech...Aspireship helped make that transition seamless. even recently reported that, “With so much uncertainty in the

Headshot of new Aspireship SaaS Sales program graduate, Erin Garritty, who went from job searching full-time, to being a full-time employee in SaaS Sales.
From Full-Time Job Search To Full-Time Employee in SaaS Sales: Erin’s Aspireship Success Story

Before Aspireship I was constantly trying to figure out what was next for me. I was going through the traditional motions of 'job hunting' and having no luck- trying to find inspiration in anything. I must have sent out 100 resumes with no luck. Each week, we’re excited to share the success story interviews of Aspireship students and graduates. In today's job market, tech-savvy, ambitious professionals are being overlooked for SaaS sales jobs despite having the soft skills and drive necessary to succeed.  Whether or not you are trying to get hired in tech, searching for jobs does not believe or adhere to an Income Share Agreement. This illustration of people dividing up a dollar sign symbol represents Aspireship's commitment to help people acquire sales skills and new jobs without income share
The Case Against Income Share Agreements (ISAs)

By Corey Kossack, CEO and Founder of  I don’t believe in the Income Share Agreement model, commonly referred to as the “ISA”, as a means to make high-quality education available to the masses. The ISA has been popularized by coding bootcamps and other for-profit education providers as an alternative to student loans and expensive, up-front tuition payments, which have been the norm for many years but have failed to ensure any reasonable level of success in the real world of work. In lieu of these more traditional payment methods, ISAs defer the cost of tuition until you

From Around The World To The World Of SaaS: Ben’s Aspireship Success Story

Aspireship is like a next level graduate course. During your practice projects and assessments, you will feel as though you are actually in a business situation, that you are working for a mock company. Aspireship helps you show an employer that you can DO the job, not just get hired for the job. Aspireship graduates come from all industry sectors: commercial real estate, finance, sports, hospitality even SaaS. Motivations for completing SaaS Sales Foundations vary, too. A subset of professionals who sign up want to perform better in their current role. Others sign up to explore Software as

Viktoriia West shares more on her career pivot and learning SaaS sales while on Furlough in this review. Brunette haired woman smiling with an empty city street behind her
From Working In Hospitality Sales to Learning SaaS Sales: Viktoriia’s Aspireship Success Story

I cannot say enough great things about Aspireship and the impact it can have on your professional development. Viktoriia W., 2020 Aspireship Grad and Pro Member.  The pandemic and its disruption of women's careers has consistently made headlines on every news source: CNBC, NPR, The NY Times and more. Between layoffs, furloughs, and juggling home schooling, women are facing a career crossroads: Do I stop working? Do I take any role I can get? Or do I learn something new and try to pivot? Today's Aspireship success story highlights 2020 graduate Viktoriia who chose option 3. Originally

Photo of Aspireship student success story Lisa went from health and wellness to software sales and is newly employed at DialPad
Aspireship’s Sales Training Can Support Your Career Transition: Lisa’s Story

"Aspireship’s certification program gave me the opportunity to “try-on” the SaaS sales world in a way that felt connective, engaging, and informative." --Lisa E., Mother, Career Changer, Newly employed at DialPad. Like many people affected by the pandemic, Lisa found herself at a career crossroads. "When the world shut down in March 2020, my family was devastated. As a single mother of two, I live to set a positive example for my kids. Because of my daughter’s compromised immunity, it became very clear early on that my local hands-on wellness practice would not be continuing and that

Andre McBride
Aspireship Success Story – Andre McBride

Aspireship Success Story - Andre McBride After a few years as a speed and agility coach for athletes, a close friend convinced Andre that it was time to pursue a new career in tech sales. Unsure of where to start, Andre discovered Aspireship. Eager to learn all he could in pursuit of his new career, Andre dove head first into the program. "I knew nothing about the SDR or AE role until I discovered Aspireship, which quickly became the foundation for how I learned the SaaS industry." said Andre. "Aspireship taught me to own my outcomes, which

Christina Wynn
Aspireship Success Story – Christina Wynn

Aspireship Success Story - Christina Wynn Every year, millions of women look to return to the workforce after a career hiatus to raise their children. But what happens when they try to go back? With a resume gap and years of would-be experience lost, it can be next to impossible to get a serious look for jobs with real career potential. Christina Wynn is one of many talented women who found themselves in this predicament after taking more than 5 years off after beginning a career in marketing and project management. "I kept sending out resumes but

Aspireship - Career Acceleration for the Modern Workforce
Aspireship Raises $1.4M for SaaS Career Training

Aspireship Raises $1.4M to Launch a Next-Gen Career Training and Hiring Platform Former Booker by MINDBODY Executive Christine Rogers Joins Aspireship As President & COO Scottsdale, AZ - October 30, 2019 - Aspireship, an experiential professional development and career matching platform, today announced that it has raised $1.4M in pre-seed funding led by Story Ventures, with participation from TDF Ventures, Mana Ventures, Upfront Ventures Community Fund, Supernode Ventures, and Capital Factory. With talent shortages at their highest level since 2006 (source: Manpower Group), Aspireship aims to elevate talent quality and put job candidates on the fast track