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How To Not Suck At Closing

w/ Chris Boyster

Headshot of Chris Boyster, upcoming speaker at Aspireship Live! on the topic of closing deals in SaaS sales.

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A lot of people think of closing as trying to lock down a prospect into a commitment they don’t want to make when in reality, you are helping them make a decision to improve their circumstances. How do you know when it’s the right time to close? And what are the right words to get a deal over the finish line? In this Aspireship Live! featuring Chris Boyster, VP of Sales and Marketing for Akademos, we’ll go over these very things and more.


Chris Boyster, VP of Sales and Marketing for Akademos, Inc., is a dynamic and results-driven executive offering over 20 years of experience in Sales & Operations. He uses data to drive operational efficiencies, spearheading change initiatives and building “world class” operational teams that achieve and exceed goals.